Furnace systems for the steel and copper industry

ANDRITZ Maerz GmbH, Germany

ANDRITZ Maerz is a specialist for industrial furnace plants and a leading supplier of engineering, know-how, and process technology to the steel and copper industry.

ANDRITZ Maerz delivers furnace systems for reheating and heat treatment, as well as melting and refining furnaces.

ANDRITZ Maerz, located in Düsseldorf, Germany, offers planning, engineering, supply, installation, and start-up of furnace systems for thermal processes and accessory installations to the steel and copper industry. ANDRITZ Maerz is known in the iron and steel industry for continuous and batch-type furnaces, both for reheating and heat treatment processes (e.g. walking hearth/beam furnaces, double walking beam furnaces, pusher-type furnaces, roller hearth furnaces, car bottom furnaces, etc.). In the primary and secondary copper processing industry, Maerz delivers a wide range of converter, melting, and refining furnaces (e.g. Pierce Smith Converters, TBRCs (Top Blown Rotary Converters), anode furnaces, stationary and tiltable reverberatory furnaces, shaft furnaces, holding and casting furnaces).

As a member of the ANDRITZ GROUP, ANDRITZ Maerz complements the Group’s portfolio within the METALS strategic business area.

Furnace systems for the steel and copper industry

Furnace systems for the steel and copper industry

Products for the iron and steel industry

  • Heating furnaces
  • Heat treatment furnaces

Products for the copper industry

  • Melting and refining furnaces for the primary and secondary copper processing industry
  • Converters for copper and precious metals refining

Customized solutions

  • Planning and execution of the plant
  • Engineering and construction
  • Installation
  • Commissioning

The staff of ANDRITZ Maerz comprises well over 70 highly qualified and experienced engineers. They design plants for different applications and ensure that the high quality standards of ANDRITZ Maerz are delivered at all times. All our products and services are tailored to each customer's particular requirements.

The plants are manufactured in compliance with national and international standards. Each sub-supplier is subject to the ANDRITZ Maerz quality management check in accordance with the specified requirements.

Customer benefits

  • Broad range of products with state-of-the-art plant technology
  • Customized solutions for the layout, manufacture, and supply of turnkey furnace systems, based on long-term experience and continuous developments
  • Optimization and modernization of existing furnace plants to increase capacity and reduce energy consumption
  • Close cooperation and long-lasting business relations with customers

ANDRITZ Maerz GmbH | Düsseldorf

History of ANDRITZ Maerz GmbH

100 years of Maerz furnaces

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