Batch-type furnaces

ANDRITZ Metals is a leading supplier of engineering, know-how, and process technology to the steel industry.

We offer batch-type operating furnaces for reheating and heat treatment processes in the steel industry.


Batch-type furnace

The demands and requirements of the thermal process (temperature, productivity, etc.) are decisive for the furnace design. ANDRITZ Metals Germany (former ANDRITZ Maerz) distinguishes between continuous and batch-operated furnaces.

In batch-type furnaces, the positioning of the charging material during the thermal process always remains the same. Furnace construction type and furnace charging depend on the process conditions and infrastructure of the respective production location. The temperatures of the batch-operated furnaces depend on the treatment time. Thus, a precise knowledge of charging temperature according to location and time is required in order to achieve short process times, high production performance, and constant and reproducible product quality.

Car bottom annealing furnaces

The car bottom annealing furnaces are designed as heat treatment furnaces for a temperature range of 100° C up to 1,150° C, for heat treatment in forging mills, foundries, and heat treatment only plants in the steel industry as well as in the non-ferrous metal industry. The maximum charge is 500 t.

Car bottom forging furnaces

Car bottom forging furnaces are designed as heating units for forging and rolling mill operations. Plant sizes are available for up to 500 t and maximum operating temperatures of approximately 1,300° C. Besides the use of hot-air burners, flat-flame burners are applied increasingly for heating car bottom forging furnaces

Chamber furnaces

Chamber furnaces are used for heating steel in forging and rolling mill plants as well as for heat treatment. The working temperature ranges from 500° C up to approximately 1,300° C. In the heat treatment process, chamber furnaces are often combined with quenching baths and charging installations for automatic operation of the entire heat treatment process

(hardening, tempering, etc.).

Heat treatment pit furnaces

Heat treatment pit furnaces are used for special applications of “forging through heat treatment”. Temperatures range from 700° C to 1,150° C. The covers are moved automatically by means of a travelling crane or other suitable lifting devices.

Hood-type furnaces

Hood-type furnaces are used for special applications of “forging through heat treatment”. Operating temperatures range from 200° C to 1,150° C. The hood or cover is moved automatically by means of a travelling crane or other suitable lifting device.

Pit furnaces

Pit furnaces are designed as large chamber furnaces or as high-quality, single-chamber pit furnaces and are used especially for heating highly sensitive stainless steels. Temperatures range from 700° C up to 1,300° C and charging weights from 5 to 15 t.

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