Johannes Maerz – pioneer of the famous Maerz furnace design
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History of ANDRITZ Maerz GmbH, Germany

100 years of Maerz furnaces

Johannes Maerz – pioneer of the famous Maerz furnace design

Johannes Maerz – pioneer of the famous Maerz furnace design

2011    100 years of Maerz furnaces
 Regenerative Maerz heating systems are developed
 Maerz burner as an innovation in environmentally friendly heating technology
2010Large-scale continuous furnaces are added to the product portfolio
2009Completion of a shaft furnace concept for generator shafts
           Development of Maerz TBRC (Top Blown Rotary Converter) for the copper industry and modern cooling elements for copper furnace systems
2008Split from location in Tägerwilen, Switzerland
 ANDRITZ GROUP acquires the Düsseldorf location
 Name change to ANDRITZ Maerz GmbH
2005Development of an elliptical MAERZ anode furnace for the copper industry
2004Development of the double-chamber furnace
2003Development of the ideal car bottom forging furnace
2000Take-over by Hochtemperatur Engineering GmbH (HTE)
 Design of first energy-optimized Maerz heating furnace for copper slabs
 Execution of a fully automated heat treatment system for high-speed railway wheels
1998Acquisition of Gautschi Electro-Fours S.A., Tägerwilen, Switzerland
 New “Aluminium furnaces” business unit
 Name change to MAERZ-Gautschi Industrieofenanlagen GmbH, Düsseldorf and Tägerwilen
1962Relocation to the office building in Düsseldorf, Germany
 Heating furnaces and heat treatment furnaces for steel are added to the business
 Development of the Maerz double walking beam furnace for heat treatment of heavy plate
1955Company headquarters are moved from Krefeld to Düsseldorf
1950Glass and copper melting furnaces are added to the business
1941      The engineering office is taken over by Österreichische Magnesit AG Munich (later Veitsch-Radex AG / RHI AG, Austria)
 Foundation of Maerz Ofenbau GmbH
 Supply of Siemens-Martin furnaces and furnaces for the production, treatment, and processing of steel, metals, and other products
Johannes Maerz (1873 - 1941) establishes an engineering office for open-hearth furnaces in Kattowitz, Silesia (later located in Berlin), focusing on the construction of Siemens-Martin furnaces

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