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ANDRITZ and SSE Suomen Säätöenergia collaborate to build a renewable methanol production plant in Finland


Hybrid Refinery Nurmes project will harness the power of gasification and green hydrogen to revolutionize advanced renewable fuel production.

International technology group ANDRITZ and SSE Suomen Säätöenergia Oy, two leaders in clean energy and sustainable technologies, are collaborating to develop an innovative biofuel production plant at a site in the town of Nurmes, eastern Finland. The “Hybrid Refinery Nurmes” project will produce high-quality renewable methanol using gasification syngas from biomass and green hydrogen.

Gasification is a well-known technology for converting biomass into usable synthesis gas. At the Nurmes plant, the biomass will come from forest residues such as tree trunks, leaves, bark and branches resulting from forestry activities. Green hydrogen for the plant will be produced by electrolysis of water.

Global demand for renewable methanol is growing strongly both in maritime transport and in the chemical industry, as the sectors strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and abandon fossil fuels. In addition, the Nurmes Hybrid Refinery is good news for wind power projects in Finland, as it offers a stable long-term customer for the electricity they produce.

ANDRITZ is currently carrying out the first concept study for the project that will also include the methanol synthesis process in addition to the green hydrogen and gasification technologies. Production is planned to commence at the end of 2026.

Henrik Grönqvist, ANDRITZ Director of E-Fuel, commented: "By combining our expertise and technology in gasification syngas and green hydrogen, we are poised to make significant contributions to reducing carbon emissions and advancing the transition to a clean energy economy."

"It is especially valuable for us to start a collaboration with ANDRITZ, which possesses extensive expertise. This partnership is a key moment in our commitment to sustainable energy solutions," said SSE CEO Kaj Turunen. He added, "We believe that the combination of gasification synthesis gas and green hydrogen paves the way for the future of advanced energy solutions and strong growth in renewable methanol production."

The goal of the joint Hybrid Refinery Nurmes project is to foster a sustainable, environmentally responsible energy future. The production of advanced biofuels, such as methanol, using gasification syngas and green hydrogen, will be a game-changer, offering a viable and scalable solution to combat climate change and promote a greener, cleaner tomorrow. At the same time, it will offer benefits for the surrounding community such as using excess heat from the plant in a district heating scheme.

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International technology group ANDRITZ offers a broad portfolio of innovative plants, equipment, systems, services and digital solutions for a wide range of industries and end markets. Sustainability is an integral part of the company’s business strategy and corporate culture. With its extensive portfolio of sustainable products and solutions, ANDRITZ aims to make the greatest possible contribution to a sustainable future and help its customers achieve their sustainability goals. ANDRITZ is a global market leader in all four of its business areas – Pulp & Paper, Metals, Hydro and Separation. Technological leadership and global presence are cornerstones of the group’s strategy, which is focused on long-term profitable growth. The publicly listed group has around 30,000 employees and over 280 locations in more than 40 countries.

International SSE is a project developer that develops clean methanol plant networks based on renewable energy. In addition to the Nurmesen methanol plant, SSE has several plant projects in progress in Eastern and Central Finland and the Baltic countries. The projects are now undergoing plant design and environmental impact assessment procedures. The goal is to start building the plant network in stages at the beginning of 2025.

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