ANDRITZ neXstacker: Diaper retrofitting

Boost your diaper production with our new retrofit kit

ANDRITZ Nonwoven & Textile is thrilled to introduce the latest breakthrough in the diaper machine industry. Thanks to our innovative Stacker upgrade you can now surpass the old production limits of all ANDRITZ Diatec stacker.

Achieve an efficiency of up to 90 Cycles!

  • Increased Production, through the usage from the full capacity of your machine bagging more diapers per minute, meeting a growing demand and maximizing your earning potential
  • Uncompromised Efficiency, thanks to maintaining the same impeccable quality expected from your products, even at high speeds
  • Double Output, Minimal Effort, with just the addition of a dual output, as opposed to the traditional single output, you'll experience a significant boost in productivity
  • Non-invasive Upgrade. No need to overturn your existing machine. Our modification perfectly integrates with your current setup
  • Minimal Downtime for Installation. Our installation process is smart and efficient, ensuring you're back in operation quickly

Don't miss out this opportunity to take your diaper production to the next level. The neXstacker!

If you are interested in a retrofit kit for diaper machines, or if you have any other requests, contact our ANDRITZ Diatec service team: service.diatec@andritz.com

2D View of the baby diaper line


2D View of the baby pant line


2D View of the adult diaper line


2D View of the adult pant line