Get your calender back in shape

Return to high performance level for your old calenders

Since 2002, also Ramisch-Kleinewefers calenders are serviced by ANDRITZ.
As you may know, these high-quality calenders have a long product life cycle. In order to ensure trouble-free functionality in future as well, it is essential to check and service the machines together with all its components on a regular basis.


Service for your vintage calenders

Our rolls specialists have comprehensive knowledge to assist you in any needs, from original spare rolls, roll repairs, roll covers up to reconditioning of damaged rolls.

In our roll service and manufacturing center in Krefeld, Germany, we have specialized tools to recondition and repair damaged rolls, to conduct roll inspections and modernizations, and test all details before sending the roll back to your facilities.


Spare & wear parts

To ensure the integrity and the performance of your equipment, we recommend using only original spare and wear parts.
We know, that this is not an easy task, especially for old machines. Our spare and wear parts team is at your disposal to inspect and audit your parts, help you to make your choice for individual spare and wear parts, recommend tailored spare part kits, and also install the parts on your Ramisch-Kleinewefers calender.

Moreover, original components may also no longer be available. We determine and supply successors and carry out any necessary modifications to the system on site to ensure that new components work smoothly.


Rebuilds & Upgrades

Increase of productivity, machine availability and reliability, and optimized processes with profound equipment.

Enhance your machine with state-of-the-art equipment and increase the reliability of your production. We offer several rebuild and upgrade options especially for Ramisch-Kleinewefers calenders and rolls.


Onsite support

Responsive on-site service and field service technicians.

Our staff provide the best know-how based upon the installed base and continuous R&D for our calender. Our scope of services comprises erection and installation, on-site inspections and online diagnosis, maintenance, retrofits and training of operating personnel. We provide you a detailed status report of your Ramisch-Kleinewefers calender and are happy to plan the further steps together with you. In addition, we offer special conditions on regularly audits.


  • Elimination of all technical defects such as age-typical squeaking, oil-dripping, unsteady running of the roll
  • Documentation of all maintenance measures inclusive subsequent test certificate
  • Considerable improvement for your production and product quality
  • ANDRITZ uses only original parts with tested quality or find the best suitable successor part
  • Regulary maintenance avoids additional costs such as machine downtime
  • Our service experts provide long-standing know of numerous machines from the time of commissioning
  • Our service team attend to your inquiries quickly and in a customer-oriented process

For more information, ask Simon for refurbishing your vintage calender

Wahlicht, Simon 03

Simon Wahlicht, 

Director Service, ANDRITZ Küsters


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