Located close to Aarhus, Denmark, ANDRITZ Dan-Web is a technology specialist for hygiene nonwovens

Dan-Web was founded in 1976 by John Moesgaard, and has since been a leading worldwide supplier of turnkey airlaid lines, stand alone web forming systems, defibrators and other airlaid related equipment. ANDRITZ Dan-Web has a long tradition of exploring new solutions and innovation. A broad range of capabilities includes creating new, more efficient equipment for customers. Since 2023 Dan-Web A/S belongs to the ANDRITZ Group and became ANDRITZ Dan-Web within the Nonwoven & Textile division.

Welcome to ANDRITZ Dan-Web, right in the heart of Denmark


Inside assembling facility at ANDRITZ Dan-Web


Dan-Web joins the ANDRITZ family

Today ANDRITZ Dan-Web A/S focuses on supplying:

  • Turnkey airlaid lines
  • Airlaid web forming technology
  • Hammermill/Defibration technology
  • Airlaid pilot lines and lab equipment
  • Through-air dryers and dryer retrofits
  • Optimization and retrofitting of existing airlaid lines
  • Highly specialized and customer specific solution

With the acquisition by the ANDRITZ Group, Dan-Web customers will also benefit from a further development, sales, and service network in the future and technological synergies within the ANDRITZ Nonwoven & Textile Division, which will have a positive effect on generating innovations even faster.

High expertise in Airlaid solutions

ANDRITZ Dan-Web has an outstanding wealth of experience in the field of airlaid nonwoven, complete lines as well as individual equipment. Airlaid nonwoven is a type of nonwoven fabric that is made by using air to disperse fibers and then bonding them together, e.g. by thermal bonding or mechanical processes. The process involves opening and blending fibers of different fiber types, such as wood pulp, synthetic fibers, natural fibers, or blends of those with the use of air to form randomly oriented fibers.

Airlaid nonwovens are used for personal hygiene products such as diapers or fem care products, for medical supplies such as drapes or surgical gowns, for filtration products, food packaging for the food industry but also for household and personal hygiene such as facial wipes or cleaning cloths.

Compared to other nonwoven technologies, airlaid has the unique ability to lay down short fibers, either 100% pulp fibers, or mixtures of pulp and short cut synthetic fibers, to form a homogeneous and continuous web.

ANDRITZ Dan-Web airlaid line


Dan-Web logo, established from 1976-2023


Wide solution portfolio for Airlaid

ANDRITZ Dan-Web offers the full range of machine technology for complete production lines. Starting with web forming, the actual process that gave Airlad its name, through defibrator technology, mill-to-web units, and web transfer equipment to dryer machines. For more information on ANDRITZ Dan-Web-Airlaid solutions, please visit the product pages.

Hammermill assembly line at ANDRITZ Dan-Web