Spunlace line, Montbonnot
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High performance spunlace technical center

Located in Montbonnot, France, the ANDRITZ Nonwoven technical center provides support for trials, product development, marketing tests, technical training, and other support services.

The spunlace pilot line is equipped with opening/blending, high-speed TT card, hydroentanglement unit (Jetlace 3000), a Perfojet unit for patterning, a neXaqua for dewatering system, a through-air dryer (Perfodry 3000), a kiss roll for low add-on, and a winder.

Technical center at Perfojet, view on the card


ANDRITZ Technical Center Spunlace

The laboratory for testing nonwovens fabrics includes the following instruments

  • Testing equipment
  • Tensile machine
  • Hydrohead tester
  • Air permeability tester
  • Sieving machine for porosity measurement
  • Automatic fiber diameter analysis
  • Liquid strike-through time measurement
  • Thickness measurement

Our technical center is updated with latest technology equipment to give our customers the most flexible test environment.

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