Drum to chipper

Debarker discharge and chipper infeed systems

ANDRITZ designs and delivers efficient drum-to-chipper lines for all climates and wood species.

Drum-to-chipper transport unit

Drum-to-chipper transport unit

Drum-to-chipper transport system

Drum-to-chipper transport system

Debarker discharge and chipper infeed equipment available from ANDRITZ

  • Drum discharge conveyor with heavy duty impact section
  • Roller conveyor with stone trap, washing, bark separation, and short end trap
  • Chipper infeed conveyor with metal detector

Clean logs to chipping improves pulp quality

Forest product companies face the challenges of improving the efficiency and productivity of their wood handling operations to reduce operating costs. A key component here is maximizing the yield from the wood supply by minimizing wood losses during the debarking operation, including the transfer of material from the debarking unit to the chipper.   

Separating out impurities and equalizing log flow contributes to high-quality chipping

The ANDRITZ debarker discharge and chipper infeed conveyor is an important part of the wood processing system. It removes debris, dirt, and bark and also aligns logs for feeding to the chipper.

ANDRITZ provides many options for the debarker discharge and chipper infeed conveyor to match the requirements of wood supply, species, and the climate in which the equipment is operating.  The conveyor can be equipped with bark separation slots, stone traps, short end traps, metal detectors, and washing stations to ensure that the log supply to the chipper is free of debris and dirt. This improves the performance of the chipper, extends the service life of the chipper knives, and contributes to maximum uptime.

The ANDRITZ chipper infeed conveyor design creates an even flow of logs aligned to each other and correctly oriented to the chipper disc.  This dramatically increases the capacity of the chipper and the quality of the chips.  Once the first knife enters the log, the infeed system ensures that the log does not change direction during the chipping process. High and uniform chip quality is achieved through stable positioning of clean logs into the chipper.

Benefits of ANDRITZ debarker discharge and chipper infeed systems

  • Continuous control of wood quality fed into chipper
  • Stone separation protects chipper knives
  • Bark separation provides higher chip and pulp quality
  • Separate chipping of short ends for high capacity in the main chipping line
  • Washing of the logs reduces chipper component wear
  • Metal detection before the chipper protects the chipper and chipper knives

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