Rotor and knives of the ADuro S

ADuro S shredder

The next generation in secondary shredding

Easy to run, operate and maintain, the new ADuro S shredder can be used with a variety of different waste products. Designed primarily for use with refusederived fuels (RDF), municipal solid waste (MSW), solid recovered fuels (SRF), and commercial and industrial waste (C&I), this machine can be used wherever a robust secondary shredder is required.

Developed for high throughput with low energy consumption, it is extremely durable and provides high performance. Certain technical features make the machine flexible so that it can be used with different materials to achieve optimum results.

Innovative features for high availability

The powerful ADuro S is outstanding due to its special design. The Intelligent Pusher Control can detect the pressure, rotation speed and power consumption of the shredder according to the machine load and uses the data to continuously control the pusher pressure and speed in order to ensure continuous cutting of the material with a high throughput. One of the unique time-saving and safety features of the ADuro S is the facility to adjust the cutting gap without having to open the machine. In addition, the rotor has a special design that prevents the ropes from being wrapped around the rotor and a reverse function for cleaning, thus improving uptime of the shredding process.

Special rotor types

Knife holder exchange system

Knife grade

Rotor cooling

Intelligent Pusher Control

Input material:

  • RDF (Refuse Derived Fuels)
  • MSW (Municipal Solid Waste)
  • Industrial waste
  • SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel)
  • Plastics

Fast and easy knife change

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Benefits of the ADuro S:

  • Large cutting width of 3,200mm
  • Low input energy and low power consumption
  • High throughput and performance
  • High availability and durability
  • Flexibility of three different rotor types
  • Knife holder exchange system available
  • Easy knife gap adjustment
  • Inside pusher
  • Large maintenance openings for maintenance and repair
  • IoT features



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