Never Stand Still - Automation & Digitalization

Automation & Digitalization

At ANDRITZ, we understand the challenges the feed and biofuel industry faces today. With volatile raw material prices, emerging outbreaks, and a competitive marketplace, the need for innovative solutions has never been greater. Our Automation & Digitalization solutions, powered by the Metris Digital Platform, are designed to upgrade your operations, ensuring profitability, reducing total cost of ownership, and enhancing operational excellence.

Features - Automation & Digitalization
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Never Stand Still - Automation & Digitalization


Your digital guardian, providing the intelligence to keep processing lines moving, and people and business thriving.

Metris gives wings to your business and makes your success soar through every challenge!


Leveraging our 40 years of cross-sector success, our platform blends human and digital intelligence to enhance processing efficiency and support growth, while delivering 7 - 16% throughput increases. Our solution encompasses an evolving, vendor-neutral solution supported by state-of-the-art automation and digitalization technology.

ANDRITZ will be with you every step of the way in your digitalization journey, ensuring your plant and your business NEVER STAND STILL.

Automation - The 'Muscle'

The automation suite encompasses a broad spectrum of control solutions ranging from basic to fully automated systems, including production management, real-time plant simulation, condition monitoring, process optimization, and life cycle management. 

These components maximize plant throughput, simplify maintenance, and optimize resource use. 

Digitalization - The 'Brain'

The digitalization suite offers a holistic digital infrastructure for process optimization, asset management, operator training and knowledge management, ensuring a turnkey approach to feed and biofuel processing operations.

Our digitalization platform transforms operational data into robust, actionable analytics,  maximizing your plant‘s potential while minimizing investment risk.

Deep Industry Expertise - The 'Heart'

Over 180 years of industry expertise and a global footprint ensure our solutions are adaptable and regionally attuned.

We preconfigure solutions based on our deep process knowledge, giving you immediate access to our know-how, our portfolio, and our service infrastructure all in one place.  

Autonomous Operations - The 'Vision'

We strongly believe that the journey to autonomous operations is paved with bold steps by those who embrace every facet of automation and digitalization, turning challenges into opportunities for growth. By taking that initial leap, you can unlock a world of possibilities.

We can help you achieve a fully autonomous feed plant by 2027.

Dr. Sohail Nazari

"We find our path to never standing still in the interplay of human ingenuity and digital precision. At ANDRITZ, we combine our expertise of feed and biofuel know-how with industry-tested, innovative solutions to bring fast tracked, improvement results to your operations, enabling a positive cash flow while driving progress."

Dr. Sohail Nazari

Vice President,
BU Automation & Digitalization
Feed & Biofuel

Profit or sustainability? With ANDRITZ, you can have both

The ANDRITZ Automation & Digitalization solutions have been proven to lead to significant reductions in specific energy consumption, ranging from 3% to 17% across various industries, directly supporting our customers’ ESG initiatives.

Our innovative solutions proactively identify potential risks to assets within operations, maintaining their integrity and effectively minimizing production disruptions. This approach enhances sustainability by decreasing energy consumption, optimizing raw material utilization, enhancing yields, and providing substantial operational benefits.

Features - Automation & Digitalization
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