ANDRITZ headbox service

Headbox service for paper, board and tissue machines

Enhancing performance, extending lifetime and improving sheet quality

Over time, headbox performance deteriorates as the forces of corrosion, damage to the slice and apron lips, wear on adjustable components, and defects in the heating channels take their toll. When this happens, sheet quality and operational safety can be impacted. The decision then becomes “replace” or “recondition”? ANDRITZ offers an annual service to inspect, recondition and, when necessary, rebuild your headbox to restore performance, extending the lifetime of your initial capital investment.

ANDRITZ is fully aware of what downtime means to its customers in the paper and board industry. The secret is to plan well in advance, shutdown quickly, get the work done fast, and then be up and running again as soon as possible.

From old to new in nine days - headbox service video

Service for all brands of headboxes

  • Engineering, disassembly, re-assembly, and adjustments
  • Service and repair of all movable parts and drives, and of the apron or slice lip
  • Installation of new heating units, manufacture and exchange of diffusor tubes
  • Repair or manufacture of new apron body, slice body, rear panel and pond side

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  • High-performance headbox overhaul PDF : 1.2 MB
  • Success story SPECTRUM 41 - Papierfabrik Adolf Jass, Germany PDF : 414 KB