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Metris Performance Center Lahti, Finland

Digital service and support for wood processing

The Metris Performance Center for ANDRITZ Wood Processing is located at ANDRITZ Lahti, Finland and provides an excellent combination of process, technology and product knowledge with digital services for woodyard.

The Metris Performance Center features various applications for a perfect global customer service and support by providing remote solutions to receive up-to-date information on the equipment and processes at the mills. As a global control center it manages services and support processes to serve our customers even faster and cost efficiently. The most important elements involve remote solutions, real-time communication and data analytics. Additionally, in the commissioning stage of new mills, assistance is provided from the Metris Performance Center to those participating in the commissioning and the parametrization of the supplied equipment is ensured before the plant is handed over to the customer.

Metris Performance Center in Lahti

Metris Performance Center in Lahti

Wayna Moncada

“With the Metris Performance Center, we can offer support to our customers exactly when they need it.”

Director, Wood Processing Digitalization at ANDRITZ

Metris Performance Center in Lahti

Metris Performance Center in Lahti


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