PrimeCleanTO closeup view

PrimeClean TO cleaner

Two-in-one cleaning at LC-consistency level 0-3%

The new PrimeClean TO is the latest innovation in the ANDRITZ cleaner family based on the hydro-cyclone principle and combines two cleaning stages in one cleaner unit.

Technological cornerstones of the new design:

  • Two cleaning stages in one cleaner unit with additional dilution between the stages
  • New design with 3-conic cleaner construction.

Main advantages of the new cone design:

  • Superior separation efficiency
  • Streamlined and very compact cleaner plant layout thanks to operation at high feed consistency
  • Long life time due to durable high-tech OX material

PrimeClean TO in the laboratory in Graz

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PrimeCleanTO dismounted

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The new PrimeClean TO at a glance

  • Two cleaning stages in one cleaner unit:
    • Additional dilution
    • Cleaner design with 3 small-diameter cleaner tubes
  • Superior cleaning efficiency
    • Despite high feed consistency (up to 2-3%)
    • Thanks to 3-conic cleaner system
  • Reduced pumping energy thanks to cleaning at higher consistency compared to a conventional cleaner plant
  • Reduced wear thanks to OX polymer material used for all parts exposed to stock
  • Perfect to upgrade existing SC133 cleaner banks
    • Same connecting dimensions

PrimeCleanTO in pilotplant Graz

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PrimeCleanTO cleaner bank

PrimeCleanTO closeup view

Fields of application:

  • RCF systems (OCC and DIP)
  • PMA systems
  • Bleached chemical pulps

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