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PrimeRun sheet transfer for tissue machines

The ANDRITZ PrimeRun sheet transfer for tissue machines from the crepe blade to the reel is one of the key areas of performance of the tissue machine dry-end, allowing highest operating speeds.

Sheet guidance and dust control

The PrimeRun sheet transfer integrates sheet guidance to the reel with a dust control and collection system. The components are designed to deliver the sheet to the reel with complete stability. Strategically placed foils and dust collection headers provide this stability.


Full-width support

The PrimeTakeOff foil is mounted off the rear side of the crepe blade doctor and retracts to lie flat against the rear side if the sheet breaks. The foil provides full-width support for the sheet directly after the crepe blade.

Sheet stabilization

Located under the sheet ahead of the reel, PrimeFoil R stabilizes the sheet as it meets the reel drum, driving the boundary air away and ensuring that the sheet sits on the drum at first contact. This air removal prevents an air cushion from forming as the sheet tries to stabilize on the reel drum.

At a glance

  • Designed for sheet support at the highest operating speeds
  • Stable and supported sheet transfer of even the finest tissue sheet
  • Integrated dust control and extraction

PrimeLineTEX - the new ANDRITZ machine for textured tissue

High-end product quality at lower costs. The new ANDRITZ machine PrimeLineTEX enables customers to produce textured tissue of a quality being superior to dry crepe and very close to structured (TAD) tissue, while at the same time achieving significant cost savings.

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PrimePress solutions for tissue machines

ANDRITZ has created press solutions for tissue machines with one or two press rolls.

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PrimeReel for tissue machines

The ANDRITZ PrimeReel reels for tissue machines are designed for reeling and stable operation for a uniform tissue production.

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PrimeTurnUp for tissue reels

Efficiency and performance at the dry-end of the machine – an area that ANDRITZ considers critical.

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Automation for the pulp and paper industry

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