ANDRITZ pump controller (APC)

Flexible and individual pump control and adjustment without programming skills

The tasks required to control a pump assembly can vary depending on the application. Generally, they not only include maintaining a specific output, but also optimum use of the pumps concerned in order to ensure the longest possible plant operating time. That is by no means easy.

With the ANDRITZ Pump Controller (APC), ANDRITZ, however, offers a flexible control system for up to six pumps of different sizes and output that are interconnected to form a complete assembly. Due to its special configuration, the operator can run the plant without expert assistance, and more pumps can be added to the standard number at any time.

The APC is pre-programmed to the plant’s general conditions, with the result that no trained personnel, nor any equipment or programming skills are needed for startup.


Flexible configuration without programming skills

The APC offers a series of advantages that make plant operation simpler and safer overall. The control system is pre-programmed to the plant’s general conditions, with the result that no trained personnel, nor any equipment or programming skills are needed for startup. With the different configuration options, operating modes and available sensors can be integrated into the system with just a few clicks. Freely adjustable control parameters also provide automatic and optimum adjustment to plant conditions, thus making a substantial contribution towards maintaining high operating reliability.

Control panel of the ANDRITZ Pump Controller (APC)


All information at a glance

Various different functions and adjustment of the defined control variables are provided in a central and compact unit – the APC. The control system switches the pumps on and off, replaces pumps for optimum distribution of use between the pumps as well as changing pumps over in the event of a fault. It also includes protection functions to prevent dry running, monitor the flow, and prevent seizing. All of these functions are performed automatically.

Besides direct control on site, it is also possible to access the APC at any time and from anywhere by means of a remote interface. If the customer so wishes, this option can also enable remote support and installation of various updates by ANDRITZ staff.

Product benefits

  • Flexible configuration makes it possible to support many different functions
  • No programming skills needed
  • Excellent operating convenience
  • Optimum adjustment to operating conditions
  • High operating reliability
  • Low space requirement
  • Long service life of the pumps and plant
  • APC can be expanded flexibly in order to take account of individual customer requirements
  • Secure remote access anywhere and anytime
  • Can also be used to operate other manufacturers’ pumps
  • Easy to install, also in existing plants

As flexible as a Swiss army knife

Due to its flexible configuration, the standard design of ACP can be extended to add some more functions as required. These include:

  • Taking additional digital and analog input and output signals into account for connecting to higher-level systems
  • Module for vibration monitoring
  • Module for energy monitoring
  • Connection to various bus systems
  • Integration of additional pumps
  • Remote interface for access independent of time and location

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