X pro roll principle

Deflection-controlled rolls for the best finishing effect

ANDRITZ Küsters is currently the only supplier that can offer three different deflection-controlled roll technologies from one source:

S-Roll, Raconip Roll, and Xpro Roll. This is our core competence, and we ensure top performance and ultimate flexibility.

HyCon L roll principle

Raconip L roll principle

S-roll principle

S-Roll principle


As the first deflection-controlled roll in the world, the S-Roll revolutionized textile calendering technology and is designed for a wide range of applications to ensure best results. An almost unlimited number of applications can be finished with our S-Roll. Maximum flexibility and highest quality is ensured by our in-house manufacturing. Continuous R&D adapts and optimizes the S-Roll to meet every demand of the textile market. From its very beginnings, the S-Roll technology has set the standard for finishing excellence: proven over 20,000 times all around the globe.

Raconip Roll

The Raconip Roll has hydrostatic pistons for deflection control. This is necessary when two different effects, like gloss and density, need to be created in one fabric passage. Adding yet another benefit while increasing flexibility in production, the roll controls the line pressure in both nips independently. The manufacturing of our rolls with deflection control and sleeves in-house ensures highest quality control.

X pro roll principle

X pro roll principle

Xpro Roll

Absolute flatness, highest quality, and air permeability are vital in technical textiles, like sailcloth or parachute fabrics. Highest flexibility is achieved with our proven Xpro Roll technology, providing unrestricted profiling over the entire fabric width. Quality tolerances are shrinking and market needs are increasing every day. This is the reason why we have adapted our own, proven roll technology, which has long been established in the paper industry, to meet the requirements in the production of technical textiles with our Xpro Roll.

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