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Laboratory refining systems

The key to developing laboratory refining equipment is to tailor a system to the specific needs of a university, research institute, or mill.

Accordingly, a great variety of different systems can be configured with regard to feeding arrangements, impregnation and cooking conditions, refining parameters, and pressure ratings. For these smaller capacities and throughput rates, accurate feeding and metering is vital to reliable and reproducible test results.

ANDRITZ offers two kinds of laboratory refining systems for high and low consistency applications which are delivered complete with all drive motors, instrumentation, electronic controls, field instrumentation, and steel structures.

Continuous pressurized laboratory refining system

The continuous system consists of a laboratory refiner type 12-1CP (up to 80 kg/h depending on material and specific energy input) or type 22-1CP (up to 400 kg/h depending on the material and specific energy input). The retention time is 2–20 minutes at a steam pressure of 2–16 bar.

Discontinuous pressurized laboratory refining system

The discontinuous system is equipped with a laboratory refiner type 12-1CP (up to 35 cdm per batch depending on the material and specific energy input). A discontinuous pressurized lab refining system starts with the retention/reaction vessel (same as the continuous system). Retention time is 1–60 minutes with a steam pressure of 2–16 bar.

ANDRITZ lab systems target granting easy adaptation to varying needs. Due to the modular design of our laboratory systems, the discontinuous system can be converted to continuous operation at any time.

Complete front-end systems

ANDRITZ supplies the complete package ranging from debarking, chipping, screening, washing and refining

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