From wood to high-quality fiber

Complete front-end technology for fiberboard production

Our technology encompasses the raw material preparation processes extending from the woodyard to pressurized refining – and includes all supplementary and auxiliary equipment.

While our equipment is designed in a modular way, it is custom-tailored to comply with individual customer requirements.  Our capabilities include project planning, engineering, design, installation, and after-sales services to ensure that each customer’s vision becomes a reality.


1. Wood processing

Fiberboard quality begins in the woodyard

The production of high-quality fiberboard depends upon the quality of the fiber entering the process.  ANDRITZ is recognized as a leading global supplier of wood processing technology and processes:  from the receiving of logs or chips through the subsequent processes of debarking, chipping, screening, storage, reclaiming, and conveying.

2. Chip storage

Efficient raw material storage ensures a continuous supply to the production line

All technical options are available for chip storage systems - round silos, rectangular silos, and open storage systems.  Our storage concepts are designed to meet individual requirements and are linked to one another with scraper chain conveyors, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, screw or other conveying elements.

ANDRITZ wood processing system


Bagasse storage pile

Installation of an ANDRITZ chip washing system

3. Chip washing

Efficient washing ensures uniform and clean fiber at consistent quality for the end product

Chip washing not only removes foreign objects from the process (preventing damage to downstream production equipment), but also substantially reduces the silicate content of the raw material and improves the moisture content of very dry raw material, which stabilizes the subsequent process steps.

4. Pressurized refining system

The heart of the fiber preparation process – the pressurized refiner

The pressurized refining system is sized to specific requirements to produce high-quality fiber with lowest possible energy consumption. High performance, reliability, and excellent availability are the main features of the ANDRITZ components. The straight design ensures trouble-free operation and makes maintenance work easier, even in demanding applications such as veneer chips, shavings, sawdust, and waste wood. The innovative “swing-door” design of the ANDRITZ refiners as well as the proven design of the bearing unit makes refiner plate changes fast and easy.

ANDRITZ pressurized refiner S2070

5. Waste water evaporation

Complete evaporation system to recover waste water for further use as process steam 

With the ANDRITZ waste water treatment system, up to 98% of the effluent can be recovered as hot, high-quality condensate, which can be used for process steam generation. The concentrated effluent stream can be incinerated in the power boiler.

Complete waste water evaporation system by ANDRITZ