ANDRITZ plug screw feeder

Reliable feeding of pressurized refiners

ANDRITZ pressurized refining systems are equipped with components and equipment which are proven in demanding pulp and paper industry applications. This ensures the highest availability and accurate control of the process at all times.

ANDRITZ plug screw feeder

The ANDRITZ plug screw feeder is designed for transporting raw materials from atmospheric conditions to the pressurized zone in the process.

Different kinds of raw materials can be processed: wood-based chips and sawdust to annual plants such as bagasse, straw, and so on.

Since raw materials differ in their characteristics, ANDRITZ engineers configure each plug screw to meet the application requirements. Bulk density, moisture content, and capacity can be optimized.

Plug screw feeders are available in sizes from 12-26” to accommodate different capacity requirements.

For raw materials with very high moisture content, ANDRITZ supplies dewatering systems to ensure a low and even moisture content before entering the pressurized zone, the digester.

To extend the life of plug screw units, ANDRITZ developed a new wear protection system.