Components for the pigments & paint production

ANDRITZ delivers mill sieves, perl mill sieves, coating filters and self-cleaning backwashfilters for the pigments and paint production. 

Mill sieves

Ball mill sieve inlets or perl mill sieve inlets by ANDRITZ can be made of wedge wire, punched or slot milled stainless steel. Mill sieve inlets by ANDRITZ are easy to install and match 100% with all major OEM mills. 

Mill sieve

Coating Filters

Coating filters are used in the pulp & paper industry to get a consistent paper color finish. ANDRITZ coating filters are a reliable and environmentally friendly solution which minimizes emission and waste of paint. Stainless steel coating filters by ANDRITZ have a very long lifetime and ensure a trouble free process. 

Coating Filter

Self-cleaning backwashfilters

Self-cleaning backwashfilters are used as an efficient way to remove unwanted particles in the paint and pigments production. Self-cleaning backwashfilters have an automatic back flush cleaning cycle and therefore ensure continous filtration. 

Inlet for self-cleaning backwashfilter