Smelt spout robot for recovery boiler

A robotic solution for a rough environment.

The smelt spout area of a recovery boiler is one of the least desirable places – and sometimes a dangerous place – to work in. However, essential regular tasks need to be carried out for efficient and smooth operation of the boiler.

Smelt can cause several issues in the spout area as it tends to coagulate and plug the spouts and needs regular cleaning. In most cases, this operation is carried out manually by the operators with long steel rods to remove solidified smelt.

An automated smelt spout cleaning system will clean and maintain up to three ANDRITZ standard-spaced smelt spouts using one robotic arm.


Safety elements have been paramount in importance

  • Robot's actual working area is isolated behind a safety fence
  • Working area is locked of personnel when in operation
  • Local PLC System for communication handling between the DCS and PLC, and PLC and the robotic system
  • Robot itself can be operated via a touch panel located outside of the safety fence
picture-1_smelt-spout-robot_pulp-and-paper (1)
picture-2_smelt-spout-robot_pulp-and-paper (1)

Robot's Features:

  • Placed in front of the smelt spouts
  • Suspended from a separate steel support structure
  • Customized tool on the end of the arm
  • Operation area isolated behind a safety fence
  • Operated via a touch panel


  • Increased personnel and process safety
  • Increased availability
  • More productivity
  • Electronic sensor positioning
  • Robot covered with protective suit

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    Smelt spout cleaning system for recovery boiler

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