ANDRITZ capabilities for power generation

We provide all the power generation technologies and services you need, up to complete power islands.

The challenge

The major challenges facing energy producers today are to effectively utilize renewable fuel sources and to meet ever-tightening environmental regulations in a profitable manner.

The solution

ANDRITZ offers technologies for producing steam and electricity from renewable fuels as well as the efficient use of traditional fossil fuels (coal, biomass, process gases, black liquor, and refuse-derived fuels). Auxiliary systems, including fuel feeding, ash handling, and air pollution control, are part of the total offering.

PowerFluid CFB boiler. Riikinvoima, Finland.

PowerFluid CFB boiler. Riikinvoima, Finland.

ANDRITZ’s knowledge of power production and steam generation draws upon 150 years of experience and numerous references worldwide.

Our power generation portfolio comprises well-proven equipment and innovative solutions utilizing technologies such as circulating fluidized bed (CFB) boilers, bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) boilers, high energy recovery boilers (HERB), sulfite boilers, sodium boilers, and CFB gasifiers.

To enable compliance with environmental regulations, ANDRITZ also provides innovative air pollution control technologies, including wet flue gas cleaning, dry flue gas cleaning, DeNOx plants, and combined or multi-stage systems.

Every component is designed to work independently in a rebuild or modernization application, or integrated into a complete plant for new installations.

Experienced ANDRITZ project teams give you support during engineering, planning, erection, and start-up of your power generation system. Technical and service support is at-the-ready throughout the life of the equipment.

PowerFluid circulating fluidized bed boiler. StoraEnso, Maxau, Germany

PowerFluid circulating fluidized bed boiler. StoraEnso, Maxau, Germany


CircleToZero is an initiative to provide future-proof solutions for our customers to reach their zero emissions and zero waste targets to produce their pulp and paper products.CircleToZero combines the development of new technologies, the implementation of digital solutions, and the utilization of side streams with the target to create financial value while lessening their environmental footprint towards zero.

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ANDRITZ PULP & PAPER’s continuous research and development activities focus on supporting customers to achieve sustainable production with higher capacities as well as higher energy efficiency and at the same time minimizing the consumption of energy, chemicals, and water. New technologies concentrate on the by-products of pulp production and on creating green energy.

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