Hybrid Solutions

Renewable energy source plus combined power and energy storage system

At a time, when centralized power generation based on fossil resources has to be replaced by a decentralized carbon-free renewable electrical energy production, a compromise between the needs of the present and responsibility to future generations has to be found. In addition to the structural change, there are a lot of market challenges to be solved e.g. market liberalization, energy price, base-load, peak load, weather impact, smart meter technology etc.

Hybrid solution - wind energy, solar energy and power storage
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One possible approach for a safe and sustainable future energy supply are large-scale hybrid solutions - “base load renewables“. They are defined by a combination of two or more power generation technologies involving of at least one renewable energy source, and a combined power and energy storage system. Additionally to these solutions integrated hybrid solutions for core products and services of the hydropower industry are requested. For instance, a battery combined with a turbine unit offers new possibilities for low head assets.

A hybrid energy system provides:

  • higher energy security level
  • better grid support by providing / releasing storage capacity to compensate volatile resources
  • new opportunities for energy market participation (base load, peak load)
  • extension of the equipment lifetime by reducing mechanical stress

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