Hammers of the ADuro F shredder

ADuro F shredder

Efficient grinding with less dust

The ADuro F is used for efficient fine grinding of pre-shredded input material down to a very accurate granulate size and even finest powder, while keeping dust to an absolute minimum. The ADuro F is adept at grinding hard-to-handle materials such as paper, cardboard, or wood (either clean or residual).

The ADuro F is often combined with an ADuro U shredder to pre-shred the input material and remove large contaminants before further processing.

ADuro F shredder: efficient grinding with less dust


Integrated fan to reduce the amount of dust

The cutting unit consists of hammers that are mounted on the rotor. Once the material has been ground to the proper size, air flow from an integrated fan pushes the ground material through a screen with very fine mesh. This minimizes the amount of dust generated and maximizes the throughput efficiency. The ADuro F is capable of producing a fraction with very high quality and accurate granulate size, which ranges from 8 mm down to finest powder.

Swing door design for easy access and maintenance

The ADuro F is designed with ease of maintenance in mind.  A large swing door provides easy access to the cutting unit so that wear parts can be mounted or dismounted quickly. No tools are required to open the swing door clamps.

ADuro F with swing door for easy maintenance



  • Dry wood (low moisture content)
  • Paper
  • Cardboard

Main advantages of the ADuro F shredder

  • Small and very accurate granulate size
  • Integrated fan to reduce the amount of dust
  • Easy combination with magnet and stone trap
  • Service door for fast and easy access to the cutting unit

ADuro U shredder

A robust multi-talent in processing difficult materials down to small particle sizes in a single step

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    Efficient grinding with less dust

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