Cutting unit of the ADuro M shredder

ADuro M shredder

High precision for a fine cut

The ADuro M is perfectly suited for fine granulation of used tires, plastics and cables and is mainly used as the final shredding step in a complete recycling process.

The machine reduces the input material a particle size of less than 4 mm and thus breaks up the last remaining material composites. The results are defined, pure-grade, granule-sized secondary raw materials. The individual fractions, such as copper, aluminum and plastics, can be separated with a metal separator to be available with high purity and a quality that can be used to make new products.

ADuro M for high-precision fine shredding


Operational principle

Similar to the operational principle of the Universal Granulator UG, the fine granulation in the Universal Cutting Mill USM is carried out with the shearing effect of rotor and stator knives. The “double helical cutting geometry” enables a precise cutting gap over the complete working width of the machine and ensures at the same time a power favorable cut. The granulation screen mounted underneath determines with variable hole sizes of 0-4 mm the granulation as well as the respective throughput.  Underneath the screen a collection tray is placed, from which the granules are pneumatically sucked off or transported with a discharge screw conveyor.

Cable output fraction after treatment with the Universal Cutting mill USM


  • Cables
  • Tires
  • Plastics
  • PVC flooring
  • Injection moldings
  • Plastic film
  • Paper

Benefits of the ADuro M

  • Robust machine construction
  • Low space requirement
  • Highly durable stator and rotor knives
  • Pre-set knives ensure short downtime for replacement
  • Hydraulic device for accessing the cutting area, fast and easy replacement of knives
  • Hydraulic screen basket allows fast screen change
  • Mechanical and electrical safety systems ensure operating reliability
  • Energy-efficient drive system

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    High precision for a fine cut

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