Cutting unit and knives of the ADuro P shredder

ADuro P shredder

High throughput and continuous cutting for extreme applications

The robust ADuro P is a slow-rotating, single-shaft shredder with electric motor drive and a hydraulic pendulum pusher. The shredder features an innovative cutting system that can produce both small and medium particle size down to 50 mm, which is unusual for a pre-shredder. The screen is adaptable and can be modified to enable extremely high throughput for a variety of applications.

The unique design allows the ADuro P to function very well as a one-step processing unit. When processing smaller particle sizes, the ADuro P can be easily combined with other ANDRITZ ADuro shredders to achieve the desired material size.

See the ADuro P shredder in action

ADuro P shredder

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bales of plastic waste


  • Household/industrial waste
  • Bulky waste
  • Rejects from the paper industry, rags
  • Plastics
  • Textiles
  • Wood
  • Paper
  • RDF (Refuse Derived Fuels)

Powerful shredding, easy operation and maintenance

The reject and service hatches were designed with safety and efficiency in mind. When the reject hatch opens, the rotor reverses, moving material rejects from the cutting area. When the machine has been emptied and is safe to enter, the service hatch between pusher and rotor can be opened, giving full accessibility to the wear parts.

Certain features of the ADuro P, such as programmed presettings for various materials, a protection clutch to avoid damage to motors during an overload situation, automatic safety lockout, and a well-positioned service door also contribute to its ease of operation and maintenance. Its compact footprint and profile enable the ADuro P to be easily installed and integrated into an existing plant or facility.

Benefits of the ADuro P shredder

  • Powerful shredding of a wide range of materials
  • Innovative, continuous cutting system for high throughput and uniform results
  • Hydraulic pendulum pusher that automatically adjusts the pressure on the input material
  • Perfect accessibility for easy maintenance
  • Highest machine protection with V-belt and safety clutch design

Easy access to screen baskets and cutting unit

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Hydraulic pendulum pusher that automatically adjusts the pressure on the input material

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