Recycling of organic waste

ANDRITZ has developed the ADuro QZ system to prepare packaged foods, organic waste, and energy crops for optimum fermenting conditions in biogas plants.

The ADuro QZ shredder breaks down the cell structure of input waste materials (e.g. organic waste, corn and whole crop silage, grass silage, farmyard manure, restaurant and kitchen waste, and packaged foods) to maximize the contact surface area for fermentation bacteria to perform their magic. Bio-gas formation begins measurably faster and more intensely, which can reduce the duration of the fermentation process substantially. This, in combination with significant yield improvement, boosts the cost- effectiveness of a bio gas plant.

A major advantage of the ADuro QZ is its ability to separate organic materials from food packaging by crushing and stirring the material in one process. The output is unwrapped organic waste, suitable for pumping. After the organic materials are removed, the packaging and other inorganic components can be easily separated out.

Bio waste processing plant



  • Organic/bio-waste
  • Restaurant/kitchen waste
  • Packaged food
  • Corn and whole crop silage
  • Animal manure
  • Grass silage


  • Removed packaging
  • Unwrapped organic waste material suitable for pumping

Benefits: organic waste to bio-gas

  • High-capacity throughput
  • Adaptable to a wide range of organic materials
  • Excellent gas formation and high gas yield
  • Excellent separation of packaging from organic materials
  • Stable and sustained operation
  • Suitable for pumping of homogeneous substrates
  • Quick dissolving of scum layers
  • Easy to install or retrofit into existing plants

Bio-waste processing plant

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