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ANDRITZ InterFloc flocculant plants, either powder or liquid, are used for the volumetric addition, preparation, hydration and dosing of a variety of powder and liquid polymers.

ANDRITZ InterFloc flocculant plants

ANDRITZ Flocculant systems - from small to large bulk capacity plants


Product range

  • Powder flocculant plants range from 0.4kg/hr to 100kg/hr plant capacity. 
  • Liquid flocculant plants range from 2.5 kg/hr to 250 kg/hr plant capacity.

ANDRITZ InterFloc powder and liquid flocculant plants


ANDRITZ InterFloc flocculant systems for maximum wetting and efficiency of polymer


Design features

  • Pre-engineered units
  • Flexible make-up parameters
  • Fully automated
  • Skid-mounted units (up to model 05)


  • Maximum efficiency and minimum flocculant product breakdown
  • Low maintenance and operation costs
  • Accurately sized components
  • Maximum wetting and efficiency of polymer
  • Hydration times of 1,5 hrs and better
  • Flexible concentration parameters
  • Compatible to powder polymer and liquid latex with low to high molecular weights
  • Simplistic operator and user interface
  • No excessive energy or shearing during flocculant make-up
  • Easy-to-change configuration and set-up parameters
  • Interlock protection for all critical components
  • Option of skid-mounted plants (model 00 to 05 can be skid mounted, model 10 to 13 can be efficiently broken up for containerized transportation)
  • Cost effective
  • Simple and robust
  • Compliant with SANS, SABS, ANSI, ISO and other relevant specifications and regulations

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