Screw reclaimer

Biomass storage and reclaiming systems

ANDRITZ has complete solutions for storing and utilizing different biomass materials.

Cost-effective solutions for storing, mixing, and equalizing biomass

Cost-effective production of energy biomass is very much dependent on efficient handling of available biomass sources, as well as the efficiency of each process. To ensure good inventory control and proper mixing and moisture equalization of biomass materials, the biomass must be properly stored and reclaimed for combustion in the renewable energy plant or for further downstream processing.

Proper storage not only provides a work-in-process inventory buffer to enable continuous production, but also includes capabilities for blending different types of biomass into a homogenous mix and/or equalizing the moisture content in the material. That is why the storage volume needs to be large enough to allow for blending and homogenization. The discharge equipment from the storage unit should continue the process of mixing and blending for biomass being fed to a boiler, gasifier, or another downstream process. 

Complete systems or specific equipment – ANDRITZ has the solution

ANDRITZ offers complete solutions for storing, mixing, and equalizing biomass for energy production.  The scope of supply can vary from complete plants to individual equipment delivery. ANDRITZ is very experienced in project management, ensuring deliveries that are on-time and on-budget, and produce excellent economic results for energy producers.

Biomass storage systems

ANDRITZ supplies equipment and systems for storing biomass ranging from small, semi-automated systems to large, fully-automated systems with 3D volume measurement. These systems are available in open or closed (covered) configurations.

Linear storage

Linear storage for biomass is normally closed/covered to minimize the effects of additional moisture on the biomass during storage. A shuttle belt conveyor stacks the linear pile and moves back and forth above the pile to distribute biomass evenly. The material is reclaimed via screw reclaimers under the biomass pile. The reclaimers, which can be cantilevered or supported at both ends, have variable speed drives to easily adjust to throughput requirements.

Round storage

Round storage for biomass is a closed/covered silo with a screw reclaimer or HELP discharger under the silo discharging the biomass to the center of the silo. The silo can be constructed of steel or concrete, with or without insulation. This type of storage equalizes the moisture of the biomass very well. Screw reclaimers can be cantilevered or supported at both ends, depending on the diameter of the silo and the biomass material.

Circular storage

An ANDRITZ circular stacker-reclaimer provides a cost-effective method of automated storage pile building and reclaiming for most biomass materials. The equipment, including conveyors, is installed above ground so that civil construction is minimized.  The circular stacker-reclaimer delivers 100% live storage volume such that all the material stacked is accessible by the reclaimer, requiring no additional equipment or labor.  As an option, it can be equipped with luffing so that dust emissions are minimized. The chain reclaimer operates over the pile and blends the biomass being conveyed to the boiler or gasifier. When closed storage is required, the circular stacker-reclaimer can be covered by a dome.

Round storage silo

Round storage silo

Biomass storage and reclaiming equipment available from ANDRITZ

  • Round silo storage
  • A-frame linear storage
  • Stoker reclaimer storage
  • Circular stacker-reclaimer

Features of ANDRITZ storage systems

  • Wide range of proven designs
  • First-in, first-out discharge
  • Homogenous flow of biomass to renewable energy plant
  • Environmentally friendly and minimal dust emissions  
  • Designed for local climate (rain/snow) conditions
  • Can deliver fully live pile volume (no dead areas)
  • Rugged construction
  • Minimal noise emissions

Screw reclaimer in round silo

Screw reclaimer inside a round storage silo.

Covered linear storage pile and screw reclaimer

Covered linear storage pile and screw reclaimer.


Reclaiming equipment for discharging biomass from storage piles or silos available from ANDRITZ

  • CenterScrew
  • PowerScrew
  • CantiScrew
  • ParaScrew  
  • Stoker reclaimer
  • HELP discharger
  • Stacker reclaimer

Features of ANDRITZ screw reclaimers

  • Wide range of configurations to optimize storage area
  • Precise and reliable outfeed even under severe conditions
  • Extended length enables 100% active storage volume
  • Supports first-in, first-out discharge
  • Accommodates wide range of materials (e.g. wood chips, pellets, bark, hog fuel, peat)
  • High uptime with rugged and proven design
  • Wear-resistant screw construction

Screw reclaimer

Screw reclaimer

Stacker reclaimer in the middle of a circular chip pile

Stacker reclaimer


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