ANDRITZ SYNERGY service package for power plants

ANDRITZ SYNERGY service package offers perfectly fine-tuned services that keep downtime to a minimum by enhancing power plant efficiency without sacrificing quality or safety. It combines our specialist expertise, our extensive knowledge of the plant and close collaboration with our customers.

Value-added services
  • Stable operation throughout production
  • Remote monitoring of the entire plant from the headquarters in Austria
  • Compliance with emission limits
  • Proven high-tech solutions
  • Increased availability of the overall plant
  • Continuous plant improvements
  • Reduction of scheduled shutdown time
  • Preventive measures
  • Extensive and highly efficient maintenance
  • Far-sighted innovation for future savings
  • Safety and quality are not compromised
  • 160 years of ANDRITZ expertise

The challenge

Modern power plants must ensure that combustion always produces minimal emissions while keeping energy output high. Extremely variable fuels with fluctuating heating values and high impurity levels lead to excessive wear-and-tear and can damage countless components. An annual shutdown is a critical event which lays the foundation for smooth operations in the forthcoming period. Continuous plant monitoring is another constant challenge.

The solution

The customized ANDRITZ SYNERGY service package offers invaluable benefits where enhanced performance is needed to ensure that power plants run smoothly and efficiently. High-tech innovations are implemented to keep wear to a minimum and comply with legal emission limits. Handling a complex set of tasks and preventive measures efficiently during the planned annual shutdown is a critical factor for success.

The result

The ANDRITZ SYNERGY service and maintenance package is tailored to the customer’s specific needs. The package combines our specialist expertise, our extensive knowledge of the plant and close collaboration with our customer. SYNERGY offers highly efficient services customized to your needs by unlocking your plant’s potential.

ANDRITZ SYNERGY Service Package English Video

ANDRITZ SYNERGY Service Package German Video

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