Maintenance contracts

Value-added maintenance services companies interested in focusing on their core business activities.

The sophistication of outsourced maintenance services has grown rapidly in recent years. There are numerous examples of contract maintenance success in the process industries, especially in South America where the outsourcing strategy is quite prevalent.


ANDRITZ is the leading maintenance supplier in South America for pulp and paper mills, and is also providing contract services for other process industries. Our most comprehensive reference is in the UPM mill in Uruguay, where we perform complete maintenance services (including pre-engineering, planning, and implementation) for the mill complex.

We are expanding our contract maintenance operations globally (Europe, Asia, and North America), working in close partnership with the customers to combine our knowledge and experience with each customer team to achieve defined production targets, efficiency targets, and cost targets.

Typical key drivers for the maintenance contracts are mill availability, maintenance costs, operational costs, total production, environmental performance, and safety. Our maintenance contracts can cover the responsibility for planning and executing preventive, predictive, proactive, and corrective maintenance; reliability engineering; shutdown planning; workshop repairs; and complementary services.


ANDRITZ maintenance contracts can be broadly categorized as follows:

Specialized maintenance contracts

  • Analytics
  • Motors
  • Lubrication
  • Valves
  • Metrology
  • Automation

Millwide maintenance contracts

  • EIAM (Electrical, Instrumentation, Automation, and Mechanics)
  • Reliability engineering
  • Routine and shutdown planning
  • Workshops
  • Accessories management

Advantages of working with ANDRITZ

  • Outsourcing experience: we offer a smooth and safe transition from in-house to contract maintenance services.
  • Motivation: by forming a team consisting of customer personnel and ANDRITZ specialists, we provide attractive career opportunities, continuous learning, and exposure to the best practices.
  • Process and machinery knowledge: we understand how to increase and maintain equipment reliability to ensure the maximum process performance, lifecycle extension, and cost reduction.
  • Specialization: we bring a high degree of competence and experience to ensure equipment reliability and production stability using up-to-date tools and technologies for each process area.
  • Production orientation: our maintenance specialists are skilled in reducing production bottlenecks and identifying opportunities for reducing operating costs (raw materials, chemicals, energy, etc).


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