Picture of a BFB gasifier installation

ANDRITZ Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) Gasification Plants

ANDRITZ offers pressurized biomass gasification for advanced biofuels and power applications.

Why choose woody biomass gasification for advanced biofuels?

Meeting market demand with sustainable feedstocks and cutting-edge technology

The market demand for biofuels is predicted to increase because it can replace “partially or completely conventional hydrocarbon products without substantially modifying existing engines, associated components and distribution infrastructure”*

Currently, the feedstock for biofuels based on food and feed crops seems to “be more controversial than first thought”*. Therefore, recent policies like the EU Renewable Energy Directive (REDIII) emphasize advanced biofuels sourced from sustainable feedstocks, such as woody biomass. And, finally, from a technological perspective, fluidized bed gasification has long been an often-cited pathway to produce advanced biofuels.

* “The European biomass puzzle”, EEA Report 08/2023, European Environment Agency

ANDRITZ CFB and BFB gasifiers market status

Extensive gasification experience from a renowned company

ANDRITZ has extensive experience in CFB (Circulating Fluidized Bed) and BFB (Bubbling Fluidized Bed) biomass gasification technologies with successful references in Europe, Brazil and China.

ANDRITZ’s reference in the town of Skive in Denmark is a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant based on a BFB biomass gasification plant, feeding clean syngas to three gas engines generating 6MWe and 12MWth for district heating.

Skive is an important plant to demonstrate the high level of technical readiness of various systems and with respect to biofuel gasification plants, ANDRITZ has developed the necessary concept upgrades for clean syngas synthesis requirements.

Gasification technology will play an important role in these large-scale and capital-intensive projects. ANDRITZ, with its proven capabilities in delivering large scale industrial projects, is well positioned in this market.

For further information, contact:
Jean Taillon
Director, Gasification Business Development

BFB gasifier reactor. I/S Skive Fjernvarme, Denmark.


BFB gasification plant. I/S Skive Fjernvarme, Denmark.


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