Pumps for the mining industry
ANDRITZ pumps for the mining industry

Pumps for the mining industry

ANDRITZ supplies submersible motor pumps and submersible motors for industrial applications and processes in the mining sector.

Are you looking for safe and effective solutions in mining water management? ANDRITZ is one of the leading manufacturers of pumps for water management and emergency drainage in surface and underground mining.

ANDRITZ pumps in the mining industry


Submersible pumps for the mining industry

One of the most important requirements for trouble-free extraction operations is pumping the accumulated mine water out of the working area. Mine operators all over the world rely on single suction and double suction submersible motor pumps from ANDRITZ to carry out this important task. ANDRITZ submersible pumps are used in all areas of water procurement, distribution, and dewatering, e.g. in deep wells and in waterworks, for mining applications. Dewatering with completely floodable submersible motor pumps provides the most economical and maintenance-free solution. No underground pumping station is required, for example, and the heat of the motor is taken away by the water pumped to the surface (less cooling required). ANDRITZ maintenance-free, innovative submersible pumps are the response to extremely stringent demands for operational reliability, service life, and efficiency. Thousands of submersible pumps have been installed in mines around the world, working under severest conditions, including the largest submersible dewatering pumps in the world.

For more information on our pump technologies for the mining industry please have a look at our product pages below, brochures in the sidebar or directly contact us.

Submersible motors for the mining industry

ANDRITZ rewindable submersible motors are the ideal drives for submersible deep well pumps, bottom intake pumps, seawater lift pumps, and for subsea machinery for mining and deep mining.

ANDRITZ submersible motors are equipped with an innovative modular cooling technology (MCT), enhancing durability and also being the most efficient possible means of cooling submersible motors. Optimized cooling circulation featuring specially designed cooling channels ensures that heat is absorbed where it is generated. Interior permanent magnet motors (IPM) are the new premium class submersible motors with highest efficiencies over a wide performance range. They can achieve a much higher performance from small wells.

For more information on our submersible motors for the mining industry please have a look at our product page below, brochures in the sidebar or directly contact us.

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Custom-tailored pump solutions for various industries

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Innovative and targeted standard and customized pumps and motors for various applications and operations.

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We provide first-class service, secure sustained customer satisfaction, and our pumps' reliability.

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Our commitment to research and development forms the basis for our advances in hydraulic machine manufacturing.

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