Research and development

Over 165 years of experience in the production of hydraulic machines, our research and development activities enable us to serve our customers for various industries.

Continuously increasing demands by customers in our operating industries emphasize the significance of R&D in the constant optimization of products and services. Today, efficiency, flexibility, and reliability over an extended lifetime are the major challenges of the market. Professional expertise and our understanding of customer requirements make us a valuable partner. We offer innovative and targeted solutions with pumps and complete pumping stations.

Testing facility at ASTROE in Graz, Austria


Our commitment to research and development forms the basis for our advances in hydraulic machine manufacturing. With ASTROE, center for hydraulic engineering and laboratory, we have an internationally renowned institute for hydraulic development work at our disposal. We are currently developing and testing our pumps and turbines at five locations in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and China. Our test stands are among the most accurate in the world. By networking these research and development centers, we provide a continuous transfer of know-how within the ANDRITZ GROUP for the benefit of our customers. The main tools for R&D are numerical simulation methods as well as experimental measurements in the laboratory and on site. State-of-the-art equipment, highly precise measuring instruments as well as the latest simulation technologies, and powerful software form the basis of the high technical quality of the pumps and turbines from ANDRITZ.

Overview: Range of services

Model design and engineering - CAD

Model testing in the hydraulic laboratory

Measurement of hydraulic characteristics is done by means of precision models on 4-quadrant test stands. Development and acceptance tests can be executed for all pump and turbine types (except Pelton turbines). All test stands and models fulfill the requirements of the IEC 60193 test standard “Hydraulic turbines, storage pumps and pump turbines – Model-acceptance tests.” 

Numerical flow simulation of an ANDRITZ double-suction pump

Hydraulic design and numerical flow simulations

Numerical simulations (CFD) provide essential insights into the physical phenomena of fluid mechanics such as impellers or blades. During the design process, the hydraulic components are optimized both in terms of hydraulic performance, efficiency, and safety margin to cavitation as well as in terms of mechanical lifetime.

Prototype testing

Prototype tests and plant measurements

Validation of hydraulic performance data in test runs is done on the test stand and/or measurements in the plant. These procedures comply with approval standards ISO 9906 “Rotodynamic pumps – Hydraulic performance acceptance tests” and IEC 60041 “Field acceptance tests to determine the hydraulic performance of hydraulic turbines, storage pumps and pump turbines” and serve to ascertain and verify the hydraulic performance data.

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