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Single-stage centrifugal pumps ACP series

ANDRITZ single-stage centrifugal pumps from the ACP series are suitable for conveying many different media. Depending on the impeller design, they can convey slightly contaminated and contaminated media with some solids and content with consistencies of up to 8%. Thus, operating as processes pumps, they cover a wide
range of applications in the pulp and paper, mining, offshore, power, food, and chemical industry and in water supply, wastewater treatment, desalination plants, and irrigation as well as drainage.

Single-stage centrifugal pumps ACP series - English

The Swiss army knife among pumps - ANDRITZ single-stage centrifugal pumps ACP series

Concrete volute pumps

ANDRITZ vertical volute pumps with a concrete, CVP series, are manufactured and designed according to customers’ needs and requirements. These pumps can be used in application fields such as water transport, water supply, thermal power stations, and desalination plants. 

Concrete volute pumps - English

Concrete volute pumps from the CVP series


Vertical line shaft pump

ANDRITZ vertical line shaft pumps, VLSP series, are available in different designs and materials optimized for service conditions and customer requirements. These pumps can be used for various operations and applications such as water supply, flood control, desalination and in power stations.

Vertical line shaft pump - English

Vertical line shaft pump (English)


Split case pumps

ANDRITZ split case pumps from the ASP series can be used in various fields of applications such as power stations, pulp and paper mills, water and desalination plants. Their construction and design do not only ensure an easy and fast maintenance, but also excellent NPSH values and energy savings.

Split case pumps - English

Split case pumps (English)


MST. Modular shaft technology

ANDRITZ modular shaft technology means a flexible adaptation to changing pumping conditions (changes in the head) by increasing or reducing the number of stages. Simple installation and removal of individual impellers (horizontally or vertically) help to save time and costs. Standardized components provide high availability as well as lower warehousing and logistics costs.

MST. Modular shaft technology - English

MST. Modular shaft technology - German

MS-T. Modular shaft technology (English)


Double-suction submersible motor pumps - HDM (Heavy duty mining) series

ANDRITZ double-suction submersible motor pumps, HDM series, are multi-stage, double-flow submersible motor pumps characterized by full compensation of axial thrust and 50% lower flow velocity. The economic benefits are maximum operational reliability, minimum wear, and extremely long service life (quite often exceeding 20 years).

Double-suction submersible motor pumps - HDM series - English

Double-suction submersible motor pumps - HDM series - German

Heavy duty mining - HDM series (English)


MCT. Modular cooling technology

ANDRITZ submersible motors are equipped with an innovative modular cooling technology (MCT ), enhancing durability and also being the most efficient possible means of cooling submersible motors. 

MCT. Modular cooling technology - English

MCT. Modular cooling technology - German

MC-T. Modular cooling technology (English) 


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