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Santiago de Chile from my heart

The Chilean capital, Santiago de Chile, impresses above all with the possibility to ski as well as to sit by the sea. ANDRITZ employee Eduardo Aliste introduces us to the Latin American metropolis on the western slopes of the Andes and shows us his very personal Santiago de Chile with all its facets and highlights.

Chile is a wonderful and diverse country and “Santiago es mi gran amor”. I am honored to be able to present this country and its wonderful capital Santiago, my great love. Santiago has to be experienced with all senses, so I present you, dear readers, my favorite places, sights and activities.

Eduardo Aliste

Snow, sea and a green lung

Regarding its location, Santiago is absolutely privileged. There is hardly any other place in the world where you can go skiing in the mornings, strolling in the afternoon and listening to the sound of the sea, while enjoying a glass of wine and a delicious fish dish. Another special feature is the ‘Los Andos’ in the east of the city. The Andes, with a length of 7,500 km, is the longest mountain range on earth. Not as huge, the ‘Cerro San Cristobal’ offers still a fantastic panorama. From here you have a great view and it can be called the green lung of the city. In addition to the spectacular observation platforms, there are also bike trails, a zoo and swimming pools.

Cerro San Cristobal is the green lung of the city

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Dream on two skis

Whether you are a racing driver or an absolute beginner: if you come to Santiago, you have to ski! Within a radius of around 50 km there are a few hotspots for winter sports, which leave nothing to be desired. My favorite destination is ‘Valle Nevado’. As I have already described, Santiago is on the western side of the Andes. Therefore it is only logical that you find only 46 km east of Santiago the largest ski area in South America. Valle Nevado impresses with its excellent snow quality. If you want to save 10 km, I can recommend ‘El Colorado’. The special thing about ‘El Colorado’ is that here the first ski lift was built in 1948. Still more traditional is ‘Portillo’, whose foundation was already laid by the construction of a train connection to Mendoza (Argentina) in 1887. As the oldest ski resort in South America, it is definitely worth a visit. Not quite as old but the most prestigious among the ski resorts around my love, Santiago, is ‘La Parva’. It is located in one of the most beautiful regions and offers a fantastic panorama over the Santiago Valley.

The Andes is the longest mountain range on the planet.

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From the ski lift to the restaurant

I like to end a great day on the slopes at a good restaurant. If you are in Santiago, you will most likely meet me at the ‘Patio Bellavista’. In addition to the classic Chilean cuisine, there are also many international restaurants in this very modern building complex. Especially in the evening, I enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere that prevails here. If I want to (culinary) immersed in the Chilean culture, there is only one place to go: the ‘Mercado Central’ in the center of Santiago. The ‘Mercado Central’ presents itself as a pulsating, colorful market, whose tradition already enchants you when you enter the beautiful market hall. The special thing about this place is that the fish and seafood offered by the merchants is immediately freshly prepared by the local restaurants. The focus of the restaurants is on traditional Chilean cuisine. In addition to a rich culinary offer, there are also market stalls with fashion, souvenirs and much more. The special flair of the ‘Mercado Central’ always attracts me.

If you are in Santiago, you will most likely meet Eduardo at the Patio Bellavista.

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In vino veritas

After a long and exhausting day, I like to relax at the ‘Concha y Toro’ winery. After less than two hours of driving, you can reach the coastal town of Pirque, where you will find a large park and a house from the 19th century. Here I like to spoil myself. Another very nice winery can be found in Quilin. ‘Vina Cousino Macul’ is for me the most historic wine estate in Chile, because the winegrowing started here already in the 16th century. The beautiful vineyards, the wine museum and the current winery complete the perfect scenery.

Concha y Toro winery is only a two hours drive away from Santiago.

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These are my personal highlights of my great love and hometown, Santiago de Chile. To mention all my favorites and hot spots are beyond the scope of this article. Nevertheless, I think I have made a good selection and hope I could also bring you closer to the many facets and peculiarities of the city. In the end, I can only recommend that you pay Santiago and me a real visit and we explore its beauty together!

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