Research and development

In solid/liquid separation, research and development work has focused on meeting the requirements in various applications.

For decanters used in the environmental sector, efforts concentrate on reducing energy consumption. Today a reduction of up to 40% is achieved depending on the size of the decanter and the throughput. The range of high-speed single-cell drum filters used especially in the plastics industry is expanded to handle larger throughputs; at the same time the specific filtration costs are reduced.

Successful separation of solid particles from liquids starts by analyzing the constituents and their interactions

Successful separation of solid particles from liquids starts by analyzing the constituents and their interactions

Thermal solid/liquid separation

A pilot-scale belt dryer has been developed and is scheduled to go into operation in Q3/2012. The design of the belt dryer allows testing of a wide range of materials to be dried at different drying conditions.

Development of exhaust air treatment section of sewage sludge drying plants

Non-thermal VOC and odor reduction processes have been analyzed at an existing BDS dryer plant. Different combinations of biofilter, bio-trickling filter, activated carbon, non-thermal plasma, and condenser are tested.

Mechanical solid/liquid separation

  • A decanter with 20% more throughput is being developed for municipal sludge dewatering. This is accomplished mainly by improving the flow situation in the feed zone.
  • For filter presses used in ore mining, the plate opening times are being shortened, thus leading to drastically reduced operating cycles with the benefit of a significantly higher specific throughput.
  • A drum filter is being developed for applications in the polymer industry that allows easy maintenance, even at higher throughputs.
  • For centrifuges, a new drive system has proved its long-term reliability. As a result, this concept is now also utilized in other centrifuge sizes.
  • New intermittent sizes are being developed in the hyperbaric disk filter (HBF) and vacuum disk filter product groups.
  • A novel, dynamic cross-flow filter is being developed and has already been applied successfully in several industrial processes.
  • In Framework Program 7 of the European Union, a new type of centrifuge with a strong magnetic field was designed and will be tested for selective separation of proteins by functionalized magnetic particles.

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