Lab and on-site tests

for improved performance and product quality

Could you get more from your existing equipment? Or do changing process conditions demand a completely new approach? At ANDRITZ SEPARATION, we have the knowledge and resources to help you find out.


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Whether you are looking to maximize efficiency, reduce filtration times, or explore new processes and products, our test facilities worldwide are always at your service. Helping you to optimize residual moisture levels, bulk density, particle size distribution, and more. Always with the latest application knowledge and an unmatched database of process performance analysis.

Take advantage of our 150 years of OEM experience gained from an installed base of more than 55,000 machines. Let our global team of solid/liquid separation specialists help you improve safety, reduce costs, and save on power – for a vast number of well-known OEM brands.

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Intelligence for machine and process control

The brain behind your operation: Metris addIQ control systems

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  • Lab and on-site tests

    for improved performance and product quality

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  • Pilot plant and laboratory tests

    Ensuring the most appropriate technology

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