Separation expertise for sustainable and efficient zero-liquid discharge (ZLD)

Due to the scarcity of global water resources and the ever increasing need to protect the environment, zero-liquid discharge (ZLD) is becoming more and more important. And the efficiency of each ZLD installation always depends on the final step, which is solid/ liquid separation. At ANDRITZ, we are providing cutting-edge technologies and extensive know-how to cover all particle sizes while ensuring high corrosion resistance, perfectly adapted to your process.

ANDRITZ has been offering innovative separation solutions for more than 150 years. We are the technology provider for reliable dewatering solutions that help you achieve the highest efficiency levels in zero-liquid discharge. Our extensive portfolio includes pusher centrifuges, decanter centrifuges, and filter presses that are ideally suited for ZLD processes and can be perfectly matched to your individual needs. What’s more, we also offer thermal drying systems, pumps, and other utilities, together with a complete range of in-house screening, ancillary, and automation technologies.

The benefits of ZLD

ZLD has become a popular way to increase the environmental sustainability of industrial plants in a wide variety of different sectors – from the production of chemicals, oil and gas, to the generation of energy - particularly in regions with a short supply of fresh water. ZLD not only reduces the ecological footprint of a plant by eliminating wastewater discharge, but also increases water reuse and allows for the recovery of valuable by-products. In this way, it helps companies to meet stringent wastewater disposal regulations as well as water reuse guidelines, and also improves their public image.

Zero-liquid discharge (ZLD) is an effective method to eliminate wastewater discharge, recycle water, and recover valuable solids and chemicals.


Your ZLD specialist since 1990

Looking back on 150 years of experience in solid/ liquid separation and at least 60 years in the handling of saturated brines, ANDRITZ provides an unrivaled portfolio of state-of-the-art separation technologies for ZLD applications. Since 1990, we have installed a large number of equipment as part of ZLD systems, supporting customers from almost all branches of industry.

High corrosion resistance

In a ZLD system, corrosion is a big issue: Operating temperatures are typically above 80 °C and can reach up to 135 °C. In addition, chloride concentration is often high. In order to tackle these challenges, we use selected and well-proven high-grade alloys such as duplex and super-duplex stainless steels or even more specialized materials, avoiding corrosion and ensuring smooth operation.

Covering all particle sizes

When it comes to the solid/liquid separation stage in ZLD, crystal sizes and throughputs vary a lot from process to process. Hence, the equipment to be used must be selected carefully. The specialists from ANDRITZ assess your process requirements down to the last detail and recommend the best solution for your specific ZLD application.  

The extensive ANDRITZ portfolio for ZLD includes pusher centrifuges, decanter centrifuges, and filter presses. All particle sizes typically found in ZLD processes can be covered with these three technologies. While continuous filtering centrifuges such as pusher centrifuges are typically the most economic and efficient choice for crystals with a median diameter of over 100 µm and containing only few fines, decanter centrifuges generally achieve the best result when median particles are in the range of 20 to 100 µm. For particle sizes smaller than 20 µm, filter presses are the best solution.


Solid/liquid separation is the crucial step in any ZLD installation. Our cutting-edge technologies ensure that the goals of the ZLD process are achieved in the most efficient way. We are proud that our extensive know-how in this field makes a significant contribution to this exceptional, environmentally friendly process.

Business Development Director Chemicals, ANDRITZ Separation


  • Reliability: Our technologies ensure uninterrupted operations, avoiding corrosion and reducing abrasion to a minimum.
  • Residual moisture: ANDRITZ helps you to achieve the lowest individual moisture content that is technically possible, lowering the total disposal costs.
  • Particle size distribution: Our broad portfolio offers the right solution for all typical particle sizes, and we have the best technical solution to preserve the particle size distribution.
  • Environmental sustainability: ANDRITZ technologies help you meet stringent regulations.
  • Delivery time: We offer delivery from stock, which translates into very short delivery times.


  • Maximum separation and filtration efficiency while preserving the size and structure of the crystals to enhance overall efficency
  • Broadest technology portfolio for ZLD-specific solid/liquid separation processes
  • Optimized product solutions based on decades of experience in operating and servicing our equipment in ZLD processes
  • Process specialists and in-depth know-how of the right metallurgy for every ZLD application
  • Cost-efficient solutions with high energy efficiency and low lifecycle costs
  • Proven performance based on reliable technology, ensuring smooth operation with low energy consumption
  • Increased productivity with advanced Metris addIQ control systems
  • Full service provided worldwide and fast delivery

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