Decanter centrifuges

Metris addIQ ARGOS
Metris addIQ ARGOS

Metris addIQ ARGOS is the optical measurement system capable to detect the actual centrate condition during thickening and dewatering processes with centrifuges.

ANDRITZ Decanter Centrifuge
ANDRITZ decanter centrifuges A

The solid bowl decanter is the basic, standard machine to which features can be added for special applications. The solid bowl is ideal for clarification of liquids, thickening of sludges, and separation of solids.

ANDRITZ CENSOR ACZ Centrifuge for plastic recycling
ANDRITZ decanter centrifuges ACZ

Plastics recycling has become much more specialized. The recycling aspects are being included more and more in the conception of new products. New, improved technologies have been developed in response to current concerns about the recycling of products at the end of their lifetime. These technologies now include the recycling of post-consumer carpets.

ANDRITZ Grease and oil product line

As the world’s leading separation specialist, our work doesn’t end with the delivery of a new machine. In addition to our comprehensive service range and maintenance plans, we know that high-quality consumables such as grease and oil are essential for the smooth operation of decanter centrifuges. That’s why, in cooperation with 77 Lubricants®, we have developed the ultimate grease and oil product line for decanters.

Adjustable skimmer on decanter centrifuge F
ANDRITZ decanter centrifuges F

With more than 15.000 decanter centrifuges installed, ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge F, especially designed for the food industry, meets the most demanding separation requirements. Your application is specific? Our ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge F is it also!

ANDRITZ screen bowl decanter centrifuges AS have an additional final dewatering screen for maximum dryness
ANDRITZ screen bowl decanter centrifuges AS

Actually two machines in one, it combines the clarifying benefits of the solid bowl centrifuge and adds a final dewatering screen section to produce maximum dryness.

ANDRITZ decanter centrifuge D for the environment industry
ANDRITZ decanter centrifuges D for environment

Handling the 24/7 demanding requirements of modern wastewater treatment plants is a daily challenge. Looking for a well-proven solution which is continuously improved? Wanting to optimize performance while reducing power consumption? Hoping to reduce costs? Our ANDRITZ decanter centrifuges D are the ideal solution for almost all wastewater applications!

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