Metris addIQ ARGOS

Metris addIQ ARGOS

Optimize polymer consumption and reduce costs by up to 25%

The Metris addIQ ARGOS is the optical measurement system capable to detect the actual centrate condition during thickening and dewatering process. ARGOS adjusts the optimum polymer dose and torque setpoint to match changing conditions in the operating process like an additional electronic operator eye to look over the operators’ shoulder.


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Working principle


Keeping centrifuge operation at its optimum would be a 24/7 task for any operator. As the centrifuge is not the only equipment to be taken care of, this amount of attention is not realistic in standard operation. Further, process conditions can be volatile throughout a machine’s lifetime. This may lead to a drop in cake dryness, worsening centrate quality, or overdosing of polymer during operation.

All of this means higher costs for polymer use, trucking and disposal fees, drying, and labor. ARGOS helps you to automate your adjustment of polymer and torque control in real time 24/7 and therefore reduces your polymer and sludge processing costs.


ARGOS can be applied to decanter centrifuges in a wide range of sludge processing facilities. Different designs of centrate sampling boxes are available to meet installation conditions and process requirements.


  • Cost savings of up to 25% thanks to reduced polymer consumption leads to a short amortization period*
  • Increases plant reliability and stability of machine operation
  • Operates without requiring supervision
  • 24/7 real-time polymer and torque set point control
  • A patented product which works with any manufacturers’ automated polymer dosing system
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance with no mechanical wear parts

*Results proven in on-site tests

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  • Metris addIQ ARGOS

    Optimize polymer consumption and reduce costs by up to 30%

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