ANDRITZ Krauss-Maffei pusher centrifuge SZ

Innovation meets experience - The Krauss-Maffei pusher centrifuge relies on tried and well tested technology which is continuously enhanced with innovative features to ensure highest efficiency and reliability.

The Krauss-Maffei pusher centrifuge is a continuous filtration centrifuge for solid liquid separation. It is designed to perform reliable and efficient even under rough process conditions. Day by day. 3000 sold units and more than 150 years of expierience speak for themselves. The continuous development and the adaption to changing requirements make the Krauss-Maffei pusher centrifuge the benchmark for contiunous filtration centrifuges.

ANDRITZ pusher centrifuge ecoOne operating principle

Krauss-Maffei SZ pusher centrifuge

The Krauss-Maffei pusher centrifuge SZ is well known for its outstanding reliability and performance even under rough ambient conditions

Process advantages

Gentle product acceleration avoids particle breakage and abrasion

  • Slurry is smoothly accelerated up to rotating speed by the optimized and application-specific geometry of our feeding system

  • Solids recovery of up to 99% can be achieved as particle breakage is avoided

  • Homogeneous product distribution leads to smooth operation and high filtration rates

Pre-filtration Technology: Maximum flexibility and high liquid capacity due to internal thickening

  • By maintaining a free draining area at each phase of the pushing cycle, the Pre-filtration Technology significantly increases the liquid capacity of the centrifuge

    Minimum particle breakage with optimized feed system.
  • First choice for applications with low solids concentration, highly viscous liquids, varying feed conditions

Cartridge design for maximum uptime and easy maintenance

  • The rotating assembly can be removed as a cartridge in one piece without disconnecting the piping

  • The original cartridge can be replaced by a spare cartridge and undergo maintenance in our service center

  • Overall downtime for replacement is less than 8 hours

In-depth process know-how and lab testing facilities

  • With experience in hundreds of different applications our process engineers know in detail what is happening inside our centrifuge and what is to be expected in your installation

  • In our state of the art lab we can offer you a broad range of tests, from small scale feasibility studies to full scale equipment tests everything is possible

Typical process data


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