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Metris UX

Plug-and-play digitalization platform for greater productivity

Metris UX is a cutting-edge solution for today´s real world and tomorrow´s ideal world that helps reduce costly downtime. It delivers vendor-independent automation for plants across their entire lifecycle.

In 1983, a young Steve Jobs took to the stage at a conference in the United States. The first Macintosh was due to be launched six months later and Jobs spoke with typical enthusiasm about the attributes of his new machine. But he also outlined a broader vision, one involving a digital distribution system; a record store for downloading software. It took another ten years for this vision to first be realized, and another 25 for it to reach the general public, but this was the dawn of the app store.

What does this have to do with engineering, you might be wondering?

Well, a major source of frustration for plant operators is being locked into a single automation supplier with a control system that is difficult to upgrade. Customers want supplier standards and open platforms to make it easy to plug and play. They want to be able to quickly download new applications, like you do with a smartphone.

We understand. That is why we have developed the Metris UX Platform, a state-of-the-art digitalization platform that enables full functionality and support for industrial plants throughout their entire life cycle via a suite of applications. That support begins with concept development and definition of the system solution for the specific use case; then it moves into engineering, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, and continues with operation, maintenance and regular optimization. The result is greater productivity and a significant reduction in downtime.



The Metris UX Platform combines artificial intelligence (AI) with smart-sensor condition monitoring, edge computing and cloud technologies. At its heart is an all-in-one database with enhanced AI capabilities. Traditionally, mills use a patchwork of protocols and independent databases for engineering, process control and maintenance that can often be incompatible. Metris UX focuses on integration and scalability, from single machines to entire factories. Complete data sets are stored either on the premises or in a cloud solution enabling full functionality.

With everything stored in a single database, the platform’s AI can shine. It continually learns what questions are being asked, what information is needed (and when), and what actions are being taken to respond to changing process conditions. By recognizing patterns and identifying disruptions, it learns to predict future occurrences.

With Metris UX, the ultimate goal is to put around 80% of standard interactions on “autopilot” and provide expert guidance to less experienced operators and maintenance staff for the remaining 20%. The platform even offers 24/7 support in the form of Metris UX’s virtual assistant, Sophia.


There are currently more than 60 apps available within the Metris UX Platform. They cover a broad spectrum of tasks such as asset performance and management, maintenance, process analytics and optimization. Some of the key functionalities are explained beside.


Easy-to-use Metris UX apps.

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Besides delivering a host of technically advanced services, one of the most important assets of Metris UX is its intuitive usability. A highly graphical interface lets users quickly link subsystems and functions. Simple, powerful Metris block language (MBL) enables mill staff to add or change functions easily without extensive programming expertise. And with Metris UX as the digital backbone, applications for plant performance and maintenance management form an integrated part to allow a quick and scalable solution, from single machines to entire smart factories.

This unique blend of flexibility, usability and technical ingenuity ultimately enables users to make their plant more productive, with a significant reduction in costly downtime.


An intuitive user interface reduces system integration and operational complexities. A strategic risk assessment advisory service is available to evaluate the effectiveness of organizational production, Industry 4.0 benefits and cyber resilience.


ANDRITZ provides a true digital twin solution for various industries with its Metris Digital Twin solution. A unique feature is this solution’s ability to combine continuous processes with discrete events (human characteristics and interventions). In this way, processes spanning the entire life cycle of a plant can be simulated.


Condition monitoring systems keep an eye on the machines within a plant. As well as monitoring realtime performance, they can learn about different operating patterns, enabling them to provide advanced fault detection and mill-wide predictive maintenance.


Metris OPP (Optimization of Process Performance) is a service that improves production systems. By analyzing huge amounts of data, potential is identified for optimization, and this data can also be used to predict economic impact.

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