Metris X - The ANDRITZ DCS

A key part of the Metrix UX Platform is Metris X – the distributed control system developed by ANDRITZ to simplify operational complexity, lower project risk and improve plant performance

It integrates seamlessly with the platform’s other apps available for production management and real-time plant simulation, condition monitoring, process optimization and life cycle management.


For classic plant automation applications, Metris X can be activated by simply adding two optional apps to the Metris UX Platform. This gives customers the freedom to select their preferred input/output module (I/O) and edge device supplier or, in brownfield renewable projects, the existing I/O modules that can be reused by Metris X.



“We took the opportunity to develop a new DCS virtually from scratch, free of legacy systems,”

says Hermann Obermair, Senior Vice President at ANDRITZ Automation.

“Our DCS runs on any hardware, making us independent of large manufacturers and opening new doors for local sourcing in global business.”

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