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ANDRITZ solutions for the automotive industry

Suppliers to the automotive industry have relied on ANDRITZ technologies by now for many years. Also because of its versatility and different flexible manufacturing processes

Mobility means freedom, and the automobile is a central synonym for this. But it also includes trucks, trains and other utilities to move from A to B. Nonwovens make a significant contribution to ensuring that this mobility is maintained - also in the future. They make cars lighter, safer, more durable, more robust, more silent and offer incredible diversity in automotive engineering.

ANDRITZ Nonwoven offers suppliers to the automotive industry a range of production technologies up to complete lines for a wide variety of end products in automobiles and trucks.

Please note: The variety of combinations and applications makes it impossible to show all configuration options and lines on this page. But our experts will be happy to advise you and design your desired configuration together with you, so that you can optimally serve your customers and markets.


Needlepunch for automotive

ANDRITZ offers various needlepunch based configurations for the production of materials for the automotive industry.

Most important uses are: automotive headliners, automotive felts, velour materials, floor coverings, vertical blinds, filters, synthetic leather and more

Samples of line configurations - needlepunch for automotive:

Automotive: headliners, automotive felts

Automotive (stitchbonding off-line): headliners, vertical blinds, filters

Automotive (stitchbonding in-line): headliners

Automotive: Felts

Specials needlepunch for automotive:


Needlepunch technology

All about ANDRITZ Needlepunch lines and technologies

Needlepunch Main Page   Needlepunch Media


Spunlace for automotive

ANDRITZ offers various configurations with spunlace/hydroentanglement equipment for the production of materials for the automotive industry.

Most important are: acoustic nonwovens, insulating materials, hood liners, air filters, heat shields, battery-box insulation and more

Automotive: Technical, coating substrates

Automotive: Technical filters, wipes


Spunlace technology

All about ANDRITZ Spunlace lines and technologies

Spunlace Main Page   Spunlace Media


Airlay for automotive

ANDRITZ offers also airlay technology for the production of materials for the automotive industry.

Most important are: floor/dash shoddy pads, acoustic insulation felts, thermal insulation felts, automotive door panel, inner dash insulator

Automotive: Insulation


Airlay technology

All about ANDRITZ Airlay technologies

Airlay Main Page  Airlay Media


Wetlaid for automotive

ANDRITZ offers wetlaid lines for the production of materials for the automotive industry.

Most important uses are: filtration materials (e.g. cabin air), insulation, electric car batteries, reinforcement flat panels and more

Automotive: Glass fiber, carbon

Automotive: Filters


Wetlaid technology

All about ANDRITZ Wetlaid lines and technologies

Wetlaild Main Page   Wetlaid Media


Specialities for automotive

ANDRITZ offers also lines with special configurations for the automotive industry.

Example uses are: wadding for automotive, automotive resin felt, automotive insulation

Automotive: Wadding, air filters

Automotive: automotive insulation, furniture, geotextiles, insulation, bedding


Recycling for automotive

Recycled textile materials can form the basis for numerous components in automotive production, e.g. for insulating materials or technical felts. The use of recycled materials has a direct positive impact on the carbon footprint in production. 

ANDRITZ offers various recycling lines and technologies for the re-production of textile waste into nonwoven materials and yarns

Most important uses are: automotive felts, insulation materials and more

Industrial waste recycling

Pre- and post-consumer waste recycling


Recycling technology

All about ANDRITZ Recycling lines and technologies

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