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Kulvant, Hydro Design Engineer ANDRITZ Hydro, Bhopal, India

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ANDRITZ Hydro Bhopal, India.


What is your role at ANDRITZ?

I work in the generator engineering department at ANDRITZ Hydro in Bhopal. I joined ANDRITZ 12 years ago after completing my master’s degree in machine design and bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. My job is designing basic and detailed drawings of hydro generator components and providing technical support for manufacturing, procurement, erection and commissioning.

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What are you most passionate about in your job?

I don't treat my career as just a job, I treat it as a continuous learning opportunity. Having a firm goal and positive outlook on my work is the best way for me to keep on track, as it drives my hunger to get better at what I’m doing in all phases. I believe that my abilities, working hard, and having a positive work approach are the keys to my success.


Having a firm goal and positive outlook on my work is the best way for me to keep on track.


What opportunities have helped you advance your career within ANDRITZ?

I've been with ANDRITZ for quite some time now and as a result, I have developed an in-depth knowledge of all processes, standards and systems, which has bolstered my component knowledge and strengthened my technical abilities. I've learnt how to deal with critical situations and love accepting the new challenges that come with my day-to-day work. Working on a variety of projects, I had the opportunity to work in close collaboration with our colleagues from ANDRITZ Hydro in Weiz, Austria, which also enhanced my technical skills and basic know-how.


What does ANDRITZ offer you that perhaps other employers do not? In addition, what do you think makes ANDRITZ unique?

ANDRITZ supports me in fully developing my potential and further advancing my skill sets through constant learning. ANDRITZ has contributed so much to my professional growth and development, and this demonstrates its faith and trust in me as an employee. One other aspect that makes working at ANDRITZ unique is the positive work environment. This is something I appreciate and find to be a precious part of my life.


Is there a particularly memorable experience or achievement from your career that you would like to mention?

Working as a design engineer, I have the chance to collaborate with other departments, listening to their feedback for improvement, solving practical challenges that they face in project execution and further extending my support to them based on my knowledge for solving their technical queries.

In 2016, I was given the fantastic opportunity to be part of a team working on a project to fundamentally change our business through automation of compact hydro design. Our team was headed by a young and dynamic leader. His firm approach gave our team a focused mindset. One major lesson I’ve learned from this experience is that working with the right team is a key factor for success. Our team has taken on the challenge and we are on track to finish our design in a shorter time frame, thereby significantly reducing our compact hydro project cycle time. A quote that I hold true for myself is that a dream becomes a goal only when actions are taken toward its achievement.

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