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Henrik, Sales Director - ANDRITZ Pulp & Paper, Kotka, Finland

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Henrik, Kotka, Finland.

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What is your role at ANDRITZ?

I am a sales director for white liquor plants in the pulp industry at the Kotka office in Finland. Before I took on this job just over a year ago, I worked mainly in project execution.

Henrik alongside the new EvoDryTM Pulp Drying System from ANDRITZ.

What are you most passionate about in your job?

I especially enjoy when our customer is challenging us and I am willing to go the extra mile to secure the customer’s trust and be rewarded with a new project. I really enjoy this feeling when all the hard work of the entire team adds up and we are selected by the customer as their partner in executing their new investment project. Of course, work is not everything – I am a strong believer in balancing work with family, hobbies and other activities as well.


I am willing to go the extra mile to secure the customer’s trust and be rewarded with a new project.


What opportunities have helped you advance your career within ANDRITZ?

I have held several exciting and challenging positions since I joined ANDRITZ in 2005 as a project engineer. After some time, the company entrusted me with handling order execution as a project manager. As a project manager, you are involved in the whole life cycle of a project, from the kick-off meetings to the start-up and eventually the gradual hand-over to our service organization. After some years as project manager, I attended internal training courses to further improve my leadership skills. In 2010, I became the team leader for project engineering in one of our divisions. In 2013, I took on some additional responsibilities and was selected as head of the process engineering team for white liquor plants and fiberlines. Around the same time, I also managed a project focusing on business process harmonization, which resulted in a global management system. In 2016, I was given responsibility for the execution of a major multi-line customer project. As my career and responsibilities have progressed, my journey has given me truly valuable global insights into ANDRITZ and being part of one global team.

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White liquor plant services

What does ANDRITZ offer you that perhaps other employers do not? In addition, what do you think makes ANDRITZ unique?

There are a lot of different possibilities and career choices when working at ANDRITZ. With every single project that you are responsible for, your competencies also continue to grow. I really enjoy the fact that you can experience different challenges and working tasks if you are active and willing to do the extra work. This freedom is something that I very much appreciate. The good team spirit and working climate that we have in our product group is great and very important. Our work is hard and challenging, but we also have fun and feel that colleagues and team members have our backs if needed.

SCA and ANDRITZ at work: Göran, Ingela, Håkan, and Henrik check progress on the Helios project.

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Is there a particularly memorable experience or achievement in your career that you would like to mention?

Having been part of ANDRITZ for almost 15 years means there are a lot of good memories and stories to be told. In particular, there are the times when you experience success as part of a great team. Just before a mill start-up, for example, when there is a lot at stake and you are working seamlessly with your team towards the same goal of getting the mill started on schedule. It feels great when everything comes together and the mill is starting up. It is rewarding to see what can be achieved when there are good people, trust and everybody gives 110% for the common goal.