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The award winning Extrusion Microfeed System

ANDRITZ Feed and Biofuel recently released their newest innovation in aquafeed technology, a solution that increases microfeed production, delivering capacity increases of an impressive 30-45%.

The NEW ANDRITZ Extruder Microfeed System is an easy-to-install upgrade to currently installed ANDRITZ extruder models that allows manufacturers to utilize the full potential of their extruder. 

The Extrusion Microfeed die plate

Previously, fish and shrimp feed manufacturers producing pellets less than 2mm in size experienced a considerable drop in extruder output when extruding micro-pellets. 

The EMS increases the output of the extruder by 30-45%, depending on the size of the pellet. This increase is accomplished without any other process changes while utilizing the original power installed for the extruder.

Production time is also increased as it takes longer to develop blockages due to the increased open area in the EMS die plate.

Ask about our Superior Package for microfeed production including the ANDRITZ Multimill, ANDRITZ Combi-Zone Dryer, and the ANDRITZ Extruder with the Expansion Control System.

fb_microfeed pellets
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