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The main principles of sustainable development – satisfying the needs of the current generation without compromising the opportunities open to future generations – form a main part of the ANDRITZ corporate policy.

The ultimate goal is social progress achieved on the basis of a good ecological balance.

ANDRITZ is aware that its success depends essentially on its employees. For this reason, the human resources function has a very high priority within the company. In the education and training sectors, a management training program for the next generation of managers has been in place for several years. Courses are available on an international and a local level covering many different topics. The company's collaboration with universities is particularly important. Another element of ANDRITZ's success is the commitment of its employees, who are encouraged to make use of their personal knowledge and experience in their work. Integrating the companies that it acquires presents a big challenge for ANDRITZ, in particular when it comes to assimilating new employees. The Group also takes measures to help its employees achieve a good work-life balance and invests heavily in health and safety at work.

Globalization promotes economic growth, both in industrial countries and in emerging markets. Companies like ANDRITZ, which focus on sustainability, do business in free, open markets and in countries that aim to distribute wealth equally among their citizens. By establishing new sites and offices, ANDRITZ is creating new jobs. And by supplying new plants for our customers all over the world, we are indirectly involved to a large extent in creating new jobs. These provide pay levels that give people better living conditions. However, new jobs also mean education, training, and experience – factors that in turn form the basis for entrepreneurship.

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